Are you a STEM teacher?

If you are, you know that teaching your subject is complicated.

You may have seen that after your students complete research in a lab setting, allowing them to tackle real-life problems in the classroom is much more engaging than a cookie-cutter project that they’ve seen over and over again.

But the reality is, creating those kinds of projects is hard.

You don’t only have to deal with students that begin their learning at different starting points or navigate the balance between making a lesson educational and engaging at the same time. You also have to be informed about the rapidly changing tech industry. And with the lack of curriculum that addresses real-life problems in the classroom, creating (or finding) one is a challenge.

But what if you had engaging, standard-aligned curriculum pre-packaged for you?

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At QPi, we’ve created 100+ hours of content along with any additional materials you’d need to run the class. All you’d need to do is plug-and-play.


STEM-in-a-BOX contains

  • 6 inquiry based modules

  • 500 pre-made slides

  • 150 performance tasks and

  • 12 engineering design challenges

    And the best part? They’re all standard aligned to the NGSS, Common Core and K-12 CS framework.

Students learn about a variety of concepts including Electricity, Circuits, Ohm's Law, Python programming, Algebraic Expressions, Ratios, Robotics, Kinematics, Waves and Sound, all culminating into an exciting project of building their very own, self-driving robot car.

17 other schools have benefited from the program so far, including High Tech High, Richmond High and many more. There are consistent reports of their students have a higher engagement rate and better learning experience.

Jose Cebrian Marquez, a 10th grade teacher at Richmond High reported:

“QPi has really exposed my students to cutting- edge technology. I’m sure that after this course, my students are going to be more prepared for the future.”

And Angela Johnson, a teacher at Pinole Valley High school said:

“Sometimes when I get activities from the web or from workshops it does not come with training, equipment and company support. I found the QPi Education team to be very helpful; they provided much more than I anticipated. I would work with them at any time in the future without hesitation.”

I wouldn’t take their word for it though. The best way to test this experience before you take it to your students of course, is to try it for yourself.

Attend a workshop today!

For a limited time, we’re hosting virtual boot-camp style workshops for teachers along with live video support from an engineer in the industry.

For a professional development workshop valued at $500, you’ll receive your very own robotics kit, including all the materials and content you’ll need to build your own self-driving robot car, and the help and guidance when tackling technical concepts.

And the best part is, you can do it when you want & where you want - completely online.

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