Schools in the U.S. need your help.

With 21 million U.S. children in under-resourced schools and over 3,000,000 teachers that do not feel equipped to teach today’s standards for STEM, many students today don’t have the opportunity to experience hands-on learning in the areas of computer science and STEM despite the fast-paced nature of the tech industry.

We can help by equipping them with the QPi Robotics kits.

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By equipping teachers with QPi Kits, we can blend robotics and computer science to make learning how to code fun for all students and easy for teachers to teach.

Help us bring these experiences to under-resourced schools. With your support to sponsor a classroom, we can:

  • Provide your sponsored teacher with free live training and ongoing classroom support

  • Provide you with a detailed impact report from the teachers, students, and principal of the school you help

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Tassajara Hills Elementary

Located in Danville, California, Tassajara Hills Elementary wants their students to have the opportunity to feel the sense of accomplishment that comes with building or refining their own robots.

Summit Public Schools

Summit Public Schools has 4 different branches. They're in Daly City, East San Jose, South San Jose and Sunnyvale. Each school is different. Daly City school has high performing students, South San Jose is ~95% Latino and constitutes of students from low-income families. The branch in South San Jose is highly diverse and struggles with gang, pregnancy and drug issues.

Niles North High School

Niles North is a high school with over 2000 students. They are located right outside of Chicago, Illinois. Being a Title 1 School that has 32% students on free or reduced lunch, around twelve percent of their students are special needs students and 8% are English language learners. They are one of the most diverse schools in the country with over 80 languages spoken at home. Their goal with the QPi robot kits is to integrate it into their computer science classes to encourage more females and people of color to experience coding.


Stuttgart Public Schools

Stuttgart Public Schools is located in Arkansas. Their schools are Title 1 schools with 100% of our students, district wide, receiving free lunch. They are a rural, low income community where education is valued, but often difficult for many of their students to achieve due to circumstances out of their control. Among them, Park Avenue Elementary and Meekins Middle School have an enrollment of approximately 9oo students grades prek-6. Their teacher wants her students to know that there is a whole field out there waiting for them after graduation and that robotics and engineering are the key to the future.

Marin Makerspace

Hamilton School is a title 1 school located in Novato, CA. The Marin Makerspace is a unique space located just two blocks from Hamilton. They offer free after school programs to students though the partnerships & support of the Marin County Free Library, Novato Unified School District, & local non-profit New Media Learning. They serve over 100 middle school students per month, in addition to the 20-30 students they work with at Hamilton during the school year.


CodeIt is an organization led by high school students across the Bay Area who love coding and are passionate to teach it to others. They hold workshops and sessions at local libraries and other venues teaching students various programming techniques and languages. 


TECH-nique’s mission is to disrupt the digital divide by teaching a seven-week (210 hours total) intensive computer science experience to high school minority females. They have ten participants for our inaugural summer program. They are a registered 501c3 non-profit corporation.


Help under-resourced schools and organizations around the U.S. today

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