What happens when two engineers quit their full time jobs to try and change the education system?

To answer this question, Vivien and Ashish did just that.

With 80% of the jobs in 2030 requiring STEM education foundations, and the huge gap between the way STEM subjects are taught in school today and the way related skills are used in the industry, there is a dire need to improve things.

Still having fresh memories of sitting through mind-numbing lectures and moments of almost believing that “science just wasn’t their thing”, Vivien and Ashish were lucky to have had amazing teachers who inspired them to become engineers. While looking back, the things that influenced their decision to become engineers were the hands-on projects that allowed them to build things and learn through experience.

It was this reason that they laid out a simple goal for themselves - to try and expose students to as many experience-based projects as possible.

“Experience is the teacher of all things.” - William Shakespeare

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